SrBank4 – core banking system,(1998 – 2014)

The system of complex automation of the financial activities of a universal commercial bank (back office, front office, fiscal and management reporting, integration with payment systems, analysis of the financial performance of the bank).

The system is characterized by an open architecture, repository of banking products, operations reports. It allows to automate all types of banking products:

  • cash management services;
  • customer account maintenance;
  • deposits and loans;
  • dealingand derivatives;
  • securities transactions;
  • money transfer system;
  • rental of safe deposit boxes;
  • exchangecurrency;
  • depo, depo swap, forex operations;
  • factoring;
  • documentary operations;
  • full service card accounts;
  • munizipal and other payments;
  • tangible assets.

SrBank system has all the required processing modules:

  • Electronic Payment System of National Bank of Ukraine;
  • financial monitoring;
  • reporting to the fiscal authorities;

In SRbank is realised possibility of all kinds of automated accounting and reporting – financial accounting on the national and / or selected international standard and the chart of accounts, tax accounting, management accounting.