Software products

“Soft Review” provides a full technological cycle in the automation of any business process (business analysis – design – development – implementation – maintenance):

  • Analysis of business processes, build products howling and the accounting model of the enterprise;
  • The development of an optimized database structure
  • Software development kernel
  • Development and customization system of Security
  • Development of the user interface (DescTop, WEB);
  • Load testing;
  • Subsequent support.

The company provides a full cycle support of client banks in terms of:

  • business analysis;
  • formalizing the requirements for automation systems;
  • support changes to the banking legislation and regulatory requirements and the FIS-local government bodies;

Integrated platform SRbank is the basis of complex automation and integration of auxiliary systems in bank, includes integrated environment for the designing and configuring of business processes. It is a single technological operational conveyor, is based on the core of system SRbank and in integrated repository of banking products and operations. This technological approach is the basis to maximally rapid withdrawal to financial markets of unique banking products and services.

The company has extensive experience of migration and integration with other banking systems.