About company

Soft Review company operates in the market of information technologies since 1992. It has provided services for banks and financial companies in complex automation of business processes, accounting and analytics.

The company offers a wide range of solutions for complex banking activity automation. Among the proposed solutions, software product line focused on banks with different specialization.

Our company uses the best technologies of Oracle Corporation and the world’s best practice to provide flexible and scalable decisions for our partners. Soft Review is an Oracle Gold Partner.

Nowadays, we have all necessary resources and strive to create a software that meets all the requirements of the customer and automates the most relevant business processes.

Functionality of our software solutions covers a wide range of banking products and operations.

Technology of our company and our partners, will help provide the most flexible solution for banks, regardless of its size and specialization.

Our company counts more than fifty complex installations of software products in the financial institutions located on all territory of Ukraine.

Over twenty years of successful  experience and strong growth in the number of our clients are a testament to the leading position of our company in the Ukrainian market for bank information technologies.

Innovative technologies of development and support, maximally allow to save the investments of our clients in software solutions.

flexible system of discounts, allow our customers to maximize profitable to buy software from our company.

Software solutions of company are licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine and conform to the requirements produced to the informative banking systems.

Innovative technologies of development and system of support, built so that maximally to save the investments of our clients  in software solutions of our company.

Soft Review does not offer temporary decisions. The construction and architecture of our software based on Open System principles easily allows for customization by customers.  As a result, our partners get principally new quality of services and business dynamics.

One of the main strategies of our company in the market is to expand of the software functionality in frame of standard technical support.

Our technical support of clients is not only consulting but permanent changing of software functionality according to changes of accounting policy and business processes.

Our company constantly invests in new technologies and the development of new functionality of software. We support competitiveness of our solutions through a carefully developed open architecture system.

Principles and corporate values:

Professionalism and responsibility.

Soft Review command is professionals with long-term experience and a great number of the realized projects  in area of automation of financial activity of banks and enterprises. Our company is responsible for the maintenance of stability and steady development of business of our customers already during 20 years.

Principle of efficiency.

We offer clients the most effective business decisions built on the principle of Open System. This technology allows us to provide all possible variants of co-operating with a customer, from the «box version» of delivery with 100% outsourcing, to the possibility of creation and development of business functionality own forces operating the same instruments and standards that are used by Soft Review company.

Principle of flexibility.

Line of all our software solutions, beginning from «General Ledger» business functionality engine, built on the base of flexible, universal and effective business process factory that gives maximum benefits for automation of modern bank or large financial enterprise.